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Chuck Smith

4 replies on “Already Subscribed”

You cannot believe the timing you have. I turned 62 this summer went part time finally and am collecting ss. I need to supliment my income with something I love to do so you starting up again is a sign from the heavens that I am starting down the right path. Thank you.

Hey Chuck….took the plunge this year and got a long arm machine and am having the time of my life….I teach sewing as well in my new basement studio…Will be looking for some courses to take to improve my long arm techniques but am amazed at the quality of quilting I can achieve…good to see you are back….

Hi Chuck, welcome back. I had been wondering what happened to you.
I can use all the help you want to give to start up a small business or just get the courage to step out and try quilting for someone besides me.
Again, welcome
Donna Smith
Conway, Arkansas


I left an earlier message, but neglected to say…”welcome back”, too! Wonderful! Again, a sign for me that I need to move forward with a quilting store!

Best to you!

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