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Photographing Your Quilts

Reader Question: What is the best way to display the quilt to take pictures for on a web site?

Answer: I asked a friend of mine who is a photographer and he suggested the following points for photographing a quilt:

1) hang the quilt on a wall so that it is very flat

2) is possible, find a wall that is free of any other distractions, and has good lighting, preferable natural window light

3) in addition to a photo of the entire quilt, also take some close up photos of individual squares so people can see the close up detail & stitching.

4) Avoid using camera flash if possible




Thank you for all your comments, questions and encouragement!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I am so excited to have received all your emails with comments, questions and encouragement.  My heart also goes out to those of you that are struggling through these tough economic times.

Due to the large number of emails I have received, it is unfortunately taking longer to respond to each of you than I would like.  Please be patient as I work through the backlog of inquiries!

We are receiving some of the same questions from multiple people, and will be posting some of these questions and answers to the blog over the coming weeks, as I am sure it will benefit many others in our community.

Again, thank you for your support and patience!  I am so excited to be re-energizing this great community!


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Some Housekeeping…

Cert7I'm writing a quick post to get something out before “Bones” starts at 8:00 pm (the whole family loves that show).

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Some Halloween Fun

Halloween_TwoI have another website called My Parent Magic that I'm also starting back up.  On that site, I offer tips for helping parents keep the magic in their relationship with their children.  And I'm giving away some Halloween Certificates that you can use for your children, or if you're a teacher, bring them into your classroom.

Here's the link to get the Halloween certificates:

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Hope you can use these, and if not, please ignore this post!

Best regards,