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In A Good Way: Quilting Charity

Helping HandsFrom time to time, I get requests to pass along information about quilting-related charities, and I'm more than happy to help.  Below is a message from Teddi Irwin about In A Good Way, Inc., a halway farm based in Oregon.  I'll let Teddi explain the rest:

Glad you're back.  I am involved with an organization trying to help Native American men re enter society after incarceration.  We are trying to provide as homey a look as possible in their rooms and of course quilts are at the top of the list. We are at present gathering scraps and folks to piece the quilts and the thing that is missing is someone who will quilt the quilts. I hope that is a service that you might be able to provide for us.  We will advertise for you in all publications.

Do you think this is possible.  I am sending you our mission statement, Purpose and Philosophy. Thank you for considering our project.

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Quilting Business Clues…

Quilting Business CluesPart of what I'm trying to do with the new web site is provide links to some good information from other sources. That includes other quilting blogs and websites, and also the occasional general news story.

I came across an interesting article in the Lifestyle section of the Orlando Sentinel about decorating your home with quilts (NOTE: The Orlando Sentinel has placed the article in a paid archive – I have found the new link in the author's original newspaper, the Hartford Courant). The article is about how “decorators have long appreciated the versatility and artistry of quilted fabrics.” And why am I linking to this article?

Because in the article, there are a number of different ideas that any quilting business can use to increase their product line and sell more quilts. And as a business owner, you should always be on the lookout for great ideas from other successful entrepreneurs that you can use in your business. For example:

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Back in the Quilting Business Business

Quilting Business BlogHello everyone, and I'm officially back in the quilting business! I know some of you don't remember me, but I've been running the web site for over five years now, and I also have a number of other quilting-related web sites that I run.

But, about a year ago, I had to take a full-time job (my accountant assured me that if I kept taking money out of my retirement fund, it would be gone by the time I retired), and I got kind of burned out on running the web sites and doing the whole “9 to 5” day job thing. So, for the past year, I've been spending most of my spare time watching the kids do their various sports and activities, and watching our puppy Ginger grow into a rambunctious dog.

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How Do I Transfer My Own Designs to Fabric?

One of the reasons that quilters first get into quilting is the chance to express their creativity. And many quilters want to go beyond the available fabrics and create designs of their own.

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Quilting and Copyrights

I've had a number of questions from readers about selling the quilts they make and copyright issues. These questions generally fall into two categories:

  • Can I sell a quilt I make from fabric that has licensed images (i.e. Disney, NASCAR, etc.)?
  • Can I sell a quilt I make from a pattern I purchase that is copyrighted?
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Quilting on the Internet – Some top quilting sites you should check out

If quilting is your passion, then you need to keep up to date on the goings on in the industry. But it's sometimes hard to know where to find what. If you want resources to some of the hottest online resources focusing on the quilting industry, then see below: