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Photographing Your Quilts

Reader Question: What is the best way to display the quilt to take pictures for on a web site?

Answer: I asked a friend of mine who is a photographer and he suggested the following points for photographing a quilt:

1) hang the quilt on a wall so that it is very flat

2) is possible, find a wall that is free of any other distractions, and has good lighting, preferable natural window light

3) in addition to a photo of the entire quilt, also take some close up photos of individual squares so people can see the close up detail & stitching.

4) Avoid using camera flash if possible



1 reply on “Photographing Your Quilts”

I have one other suggestion for photographing quilts. Invest in a large piece of black felt and put it up flat on the wall as a backdrop for your quilt. It will help even out the light around the quilt and will also enhance the color and the texture of the quilting.

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