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Rollercoaster Quilting List

To make sure I don't overwhelm some of you with the whole “Rollercoaster Quilting” promotion, I'm creating a list for those of you who want to be notified of the special Rollercoaster Quilting Sale, and also to get some of the great free bonuses that I'm giving away to those who join that list.

In addition, anyone who joins the list will get a full day headstart on the special rollercoaster pricing for the whole new Quilting Business product family.

So, if you would like to be added to the list, just complete the form below:


And don't worry… this special Rollercoaster Quilting list will only be used for letting you know about the Rollercoaster Quilting promotion.Thanks,

2 replies on “Rollercoaster Quilting List”

Over the weekend I saw a spreadsheet that you had posted to determine start up cost for a quilting business. I was looking for it again today, but can not find. Could you please email the link to me?

What ever happen to you, I was getting e-mails from you up until a year ago and everything seem to stop until I was on line with one of my groups today that I am in, the the lady wanted to know about starting up a business and when I went to check it out I seen it was you Chuck. You were very informative in the past and all of a sudden the e-mails stopped. Looking to hear from you soon.

Patricia A Robertson.

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