Quilting Websites

Building Your Website – Step 2

The quilting website tutorial was derailed for a bit, but I'm getting it back on track right now!  Here's Step 2 – Setting Up WordPress.

From this point on, I'm going to be using a sample site called  You'll be able to go and check it out as the site progresses.  At some point, I will post all the videos on that site as another reference.

PLEASE NOTE: The first minute or so of the video has a blank white screen with some activity going on at the top.  Don't worry… the video is working, it is just the part where I'm logging into the control panel!

Here's the link to the video:

And here's the updated list of tutorials:

  1. Register your domain and set up hosting – done!
  2. Set up your WordPress installation – done!
  3. Pick a theme and apply it
  4. The right plugins for your website
  5. Getting a Google account
  6. Settings, settings, and more settings
  7. Creating a graphical header
  8. Setting up an email subscription system
  9. Organizing  your site – writing pages
  10. Writing posts and adding images
  11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  12. Wrapping it all up
Quilting Websites

Building Your Website – Step 1

domainnameI'm almost ready to start putting up the In A Good Way website (just waiting for some content and images), but I realized that the very first steps in getting your own website up and running were not covered – registering your domain, securing hosting, and changing nameservers.

So, I've put together three short videos on how I would handle this portion of the process.  I use to register all of my domains, and I use for my hosting.  In the video, I'll show you how to find a domain name, and once you have registered, what  you need to do to have your hosting set up at Host Gator or GoDaddy.  There are other domain name registrars and hosting companies (including's own hosting), but since I can't show every option, I'll show you what I use.  Then, I show you how to change the Nameservers so the Internet can find your site.

Here are links to all three videos: