Building Your Website – WordPress Dashboard

by Charlotte Colmon

After creating yesteday's video, I realized it would be a good idea to include a quick tour of the WordPress Dashboard in order to familiarize you with what you're going to see when you log into the backend.  So, I created this quick video tour:

Next up… Selecting a theme:

  1. Register your domain and set up hosting – done!
  2. Set up your WordPress installation – done!
  3. Pick a theme and apply it
  4. The right plugins for your website
  5. Getting a Google account
  6. Settings, settings, and more settings
  7. Creating a graphical header
  8. Setting up an email subscription system
  9. Organizing  your site – writing pages
  10. Writing posts and adding images
  11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  12. Wrapping it all up

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