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Q&A: Stay Away from eBay

by Charlotte Colmon

I received this question from Eileen Keane about selling on eBay and making a decent living… Good morning Chuck, Thank you for including me on your mailing list for your ezine! I’m finding lots of valuable information on it. I’ve been reading the selling on eBay article and checking out other machine quilters on eBay. […]


Hello everyone, and I’m officially back in the quilting business! I know some of you don’t remember me, but I’ve been running the web site for over five years now, and I also have a number of other quilting-related web sites that I run. But, about a year ago, I had to take a […]


A lot of people wonder whether or not they can make a living at a machine quilting business. I’m not a fortune teller – I can’t really determine whether or not you’ve got what it takes to succeed in a machine quilting business. Only you can make a business successful.


Over the past few months, I’ve received several questions about choosing the right quilting machine. I’ve decided to include a couple of the questions and answers in hopes that they will help you if you’re looking for a quilting machine for your own machine quilting business: Which type of long arm quilting machine do you […]


Recently, I received a question from one of the community about determining if her local market was over-saturated with machine quilting businesses (name withheld). Here is the question (which I’ve paraphrased for brevity): While inquiring about the need for a long-arm quilter in our area in a local quilt shop, I was told (in […]

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I‘m still receiving a lot of questions about how to price your quilting services based on the quilting pricing articles I have written and posted on the site (you can check out the quilt pricing article here or another response here)


I’ve had a lot of responses to the quilt pricing model I posted on the web site. (You can check out that quilt pricing article here) Recently, I received the following question from Gail Quast: Chuck, I appreciate your articles – they have helped me a lot. My questions relates to the article on […]