Quilt Shows

Your Quilt Show Booth

by Charlotte Colmon

I recently received the following question about making the most of your booth space at a craft or quilt show: Hi, Chuck. I really have enjoyed all your articles. They have been very helpful. I am new to the whole craft scene having just recently begun to sell my quilts, etc. I have participated in […]


Recently, I received a question from one of the QuiltingBusiness.com community who was going to be exhibiting in her first quilt show (in Argentina no less). She wanted to know how to set up her booth and wanted some tips to make the show go smoothly. Here is the question (which I’ve paraphrased for brevity): […]


Quilt shop owners live for the seasonal craft fairs and trade shows that allow them to showcase their goods. But if you decide to attend one of these events – and why wouldn’t you? – remember that the convention center or auditorium will be packed with men and women displaying their finest quilts and quilting […]