Creating Your Quilting Business “Resume”

by Charlotte Colmon

I was on the Quilting and Patchwork blog, and came across an article written by Mary Emma Allen back in October called, “Do Quiltmakers & Quilt Businesses Need Resumes?” And my initial reaction was the same as Mary Emma's:

“Not really… they aren't looking for a job.”

But, much as Mary Emma concluded, quilt business owners (and quiltmakers who are selling their quilts) can definitely benefit from some kind of description of their experience and past work when marketing their products. And in the article, Mary Emma discusses some of the ways that a sort of “resume” (or extended bio) is useful for a quilting business, including:

  • As a brochure, flyer, or other marketing piece
  • On a web site or blog
  • In press releases and other external communications
  • For interviews – both for the interviewer and their audience

For me, developing a good bio is essential to help position your quilting business and your price points. You can determine a lot about a business from the owner's bio if it is written correctly. And what you want to do most of all is tell a story.

Nothing helps bond your customers and prospects to you like a story. If you can talk about a treasured memory from when you learned to quilt (spending some special time with your grandmother for example), some “secret” technique you learned or stumbled upon, or about how many quilting awards you have won, then you tell alot about yourself, and by extension, your business.

I'll be talking more about “Telling the Story” in later posts, so keep watching this space. And in the mean time, check out Marry Emma's article… it will be well worth your time.

Happy Quilting!


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