In A Good Way: Quilting Charity

by Charlotte Colmon

Helping HandsFrom time to time, I get requests to pass along information about quilting-related charities, and I'm more than happy to help.  Below is a message from Teddi Irwin about In A Good Way, Inc., a halway farm based in Oregon.  I'll let Teddi explain the rest:

Glad you're back.  I am involved with an organization trying to help Native American men re enter society after incarceration.  We are trying to provide as homey a look as possible in their rooms and of course quilts are at the top of the list. We are at present gathering scraps and folks to piece the quilts and the thing that is missing is someone who will quilt the quilts. I hope that is a service that you might be able to provide for us.  We will advertise for you in all publications.

Do you think this is possible.  I am sending you our mission statement, Purpose and Philosophy. Thank you for considering our project.


IN A GOOD WAY, Inc. is a nonprofit goal-oriented halfway farm based in Oregon that provides tools to improve the lives of Native American men returning to society and family life after time spent in prisons and jails. It provides an actual home and a range of services including skill assessment, educational assessment and assistance, job training, job placement assistance, drug and alcohol counseling, and social and emotional support. We provide what is needed for an independent, responsible, and productive return to the community.

Please note that this document is phrased in the present tense, although much is yet to be accomplished.  It is our belief that what we already believe is then more easily achieved.

IN A GOOD WAY provides tools to improve the lives of Native American men returning to society and family life after time away in prisons and jails.

By teaching life skills necessary for successful re-entry to the community and family life, we reduce both recidivism and crime.

Our focus on fostering independence, success, and responsibility boosts competence necessary to integrate successfully back into families and society.

Exiting incarceration is difficult for all human beings.  For Native Americans, perhaps more so in that many did not have solid job skills and safety nets to fall back on before incarceration.

By providing the supportive program at IN A GOOD WAY, we not only give men the skills needed to reintegrate into their families and society, but to help prevent them going back to prison.

Our clients have paid their debt to society and can now benefit by a boost in confidence and competence. Our program provides support to our residents by teaching independent living skills in a supportive, home-like environment.  Through a mentor program, recovery counseling, social, cultural, and spiritual support to our clients we instill the belief that with education, hard work, spiritual and personal effort…

“The best is yet to come.”

Here is a list of things that IN A GOOD WAY needs in case you can help out:

  • 100% cotton material in earth tones can be as small as 8 ½  X 2 ½  as we are doing 24 scrap quilts. We will be sure any left over material will be put to good use.
  • Folks who want to piece the quilt
  • Quilting for the quilts once they are together

In addition to the men who will reside with us and need the quilts,  we will  teach the women of our community to quilt and to give them a new vocation where they can help support their families.  We will also be instilling our cultures to all who come in contact with IN A GOOD WAY.  Of course we want to educate them about the history of quilt making including Seminole piecing.  We will offer our classes to anyone in the community.

Thanks ever so much.  It’s folks like you who will be responsible for us achieving our goal. Thank you thank you.

If you'd like to get involved, you can contact Terri at inagoodway (at)  If you leave a phone number, Terri will call you back.

Good luck Terri!

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