Kidz Quiltz – Quilts for Kids in Need

by Charlotte Colmon

Some people have asked me why I decided to come back to the Quilting Business website, even though it doesn't count as a full-time income and it takes quite a bit of my spare time (if there is such a thing).  This email reminded me of one of the 1,000s of reasons why I do this…


Thanks for letting me know about In A Good Way. We have material that we would be willing to donate to them.

By the way, You are the greatest. About 4 years ago I sent you a note about making 1,000 quilts for the Katrina victims. You posted it on your website. Within 24 hours I had e-mails from NY, CA, GA, ND asking if they could help. Within a short time I had received quilts from GA and NY to send to the kids in Mississippi. I still receive quilts and stay in contact with my friend in NY.

We delivered the quilts to MS, became a non profit, bought a building last month and have delivered over 2,000 quilts to US, Mexico orphanage, Eastern Europe through World Vison, Cameroon Africa, Uganda Africa, and Haiti. Who would have guessed that we would be on our way to our Million quilts for kids around the World. You showed me we are all connected. At the time I e-mailed you in 2005 I just started with one quilt. Check our website at and our blog at

Some may unsubscribe, but I think you are the greatest. You encouraged me to JUST DO IT, and I did with about 1,000 other people helping me.

Thanks for everything,

Wilma Hamilton, President
Kidz Quiltz Inc.

When you receive an email like this, it makes the time spent pulling together this site and sending out the ezines well worth the effort.  Wilma has been a great supporter and community member, and her charity is a wonderful organization that is doing something wonderful for children who need a little quilted love!

Keep up the good work, Wilma, and thanks for the wonderful note.  And if you can help Wilma and Kidz Quiltz, please visit the website.


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