Let Me Answer Your Questions

by Charlotte Colmon

Question MarkBased on the comments on the site, and the emails I've received, I've decided to do a weekly Questions and Answers article where I answer 1 – 3 questions you've submitted.  To make things easier, please send your questions to me via the Contact page.  And, here are a few hints to getting your question chosen:

  1. Be Specific: Try to narrow your questions to just one specific topic, not a general question.  For example, asking me “how do I start a quilting business?” is not a very specific question, but “how can I market online to my local area?” is much better.
  2. Be Concise: Don't send really long questions.  If you need to cover quite a bit, break it down into multiple questions instead of a very long single question with too much detail.
  3. Be On Topic: Please confine your questions to how you can start, manage, market, and run a quilting business.  I really want to make the content on this site as targeted and useful as possible.
  4. Be Interesting: And finally, try to make your question as interesting as possible. Think about how you can frame the question in such a way that other people would want to know the answer as well.  That way, everyone wins.

The first Questions and Answers article will be towards the end of next week, so get y our questions in as soon as possible.



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