Quilt Pricing Calculator

by Charlotte Colmon

gnome-mime-spreadsheetIn response to all of the questions around quilt pricing, I've created a quick quilt pricing calculator that will help you focus your thoughts on quilt pricing and get you thinking about some of the other factors you should consider when pricing your quilts.

The Calculator is pretty self-explanatory (there are two worksheets – one for calculations and another sample).  Here's the link to download the Calculator:

PLEASE NOTE: The Quilt Pricing Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet (.xls format) file.  You will need some type of spreadsheet program to open and use the Calculator, so if you don't have Excel or another spreadsheet program, I wanted to let you know about a great free tool that Google offers called:

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

This free online tool requires that you have a Google user account, but it's very simple and allow you to not only create and edit spreadsheets, but also create documents.  You can also get a Gmail account as well.  So, if you want to play around with the Quilt Pricing Calculator and don't have a spreadsheet program, use Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

Good luck!


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