Some Light Housekeeping

by Charlotte Colmon

I’m in the process of pulling together some ideas for my first big article around the new topic areas. I’m going to start with “how to sell your quilts” with a particular emphasis on why you need to create a story and price HIGHER. I know it sounds a little bit crazy, but if you want to succeed, you really need to work on the high end of the market (or at least the mid-high end).

Now, for some light housekeeping…

More…I am in the process of changing my email delivery methods. From now on, I’m going to be sending out an email when I post to the blog. This will make it easier to not only keep in touch with the Quilting Business community in a more organized fashion, but will also make sure all of the content is archived on the blog. But, since I’m switching the methods, you may receive duplicate emails from me if you signed up to the Quilting Business email list over the past two months. I’ll eventually remove the 35 or so people from the older blog list, but I wanted to apologize up front for duplicate emails.

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