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Reader Question: How would you advertise for your quilting business when professional advertising is so expensive? Answer: I agree, traditional advertising in print media, radio, tv, etc can be very expensive. I believe the way of the future for both advertising and conducting business is online. ¬†People don’t use the yellow pages anymore, they use […]

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Welcome to the Quilting Business Blog! This blog is a resource for anyone who is involved (or hopes to be) with quilting as a business. This includes quilt shop owners, anyone offering a quilting service, quilts for sale, long arm quilting services, quilting classes or any other types of quilting business. If you are brand […]


Have you ever stayed awake at night thinking about how to get your quilting business up and running? Are your revenues down because of the economy? Are you working hard to get your business off the ground, but feel like you are treading water? Do you have excellent customers who move away and you never […]


I’m answering my first question from the Quilting Business community today, and it comes all the way from Israel.¬† Here’s the question: Hi, I am an about-to-be unemployed high-tech writer who has been quilting 15 years. I have loads of experience with many quilting techniques that I have learned over the years. I enjoy wallhangings […]